Tuunaansaari Cave complex

Tuunaansaari Cave complex is a big man-made cave complex in Punkaharju, East Finland, which was a major art museum in Finland. It has been an attraction for tourists from Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, France and other European and Nordic countries. Now the Cave is looking for a new future.

Where it is?

Cave´s geographical position gives many options to get travellers from abroad. Punkaharju is near the Russian border and its many crossings. A new quick motorway has been built to Sankt Petersburg, with five million inhabitants (185miles, 300 kilometers to Sank Petersburg). There is a railway-station In Punkaharju and an airport in Savonlinna. The Russian trade has been rising again recently. The Chinese and Japanese people have a constant interest to look for exotic experiences in Finland, such as clean air, nature, lakes, and Nordic lights.

Punkaharju is surrounded with waters of Saimaa lake-area from both sides and CAve has a beautiful landscape. Side by side with Cave there is a summer water-amusement park for child families. Near by is an exhibition of Finland´s wood industry. Trip to Savonlinna with its medieval castle and famous opera-festivals takes half an hour. There is also a boat-connection from Savonlinna to Punkaharju`s Valtionhotelli, a famous historical hotel-restaurant - or Kerimäki, the world`s biggest wooden church. There are 13 hotels and two tourist villages with hundreds of cottage houses near-by with good opportunities for hiking, fishing, skiing or snowmobile driving. Kerimaa cottage-village is situated by one of the most beautiful golf courses in Finland.

The Consert hall and Cave coplex

The cave is unique in that most of its exhibition space is underground. The caves total 40,000 square feet (3,700 sq metres) and reach a depth of 98 feet (30 metres). The length of the caves is 1421 yards and the hight is about 32 yards. The Concert Hall in the cave consists of a thousand seats in two levels and is suitable for concerts, rock-festivals, boxing-matches, seminars and so on. There are separate stages for an orchestra and for performances. The materials of the ceiling and the walls are from the Finnish nature, wood or stone. There is an entrance from the concert hall to the art-exhibition area. In the hall there is an under-floor electrical heating system. All systems of electricity, light and sound are ready to use and were service-checked in 2013. The cave complex is installed with a humidity removal system to prevent the water running and there are also different pools to gather the water to a bigger pool. Artists have been able to benefit the movement of the water in their productions. In the end the waters are pumped trough a septic tank to the lake of Pihlajavesi. The 3 buildings in the premises consist of a restaurant, a souvenier- shop and ticket selling-desks. One building is a safe concretic house (without windows) for very valuable art pieces. One is for office and accommodation for staff.

Cave Complex map and inside photos